Dews managing director Craig Hamer recognised this cultural shift in the customer journey. He realised that a change was needed to sales funnel management and felt that he and his management team needed to address three crucial sales performance issues. He knew he needed to fully understand the customer journey from research to purchase to ensure that the customer experience was seamless – whether entry into the sales funnel was on- or off-line. He also knew he had to increase the customer conversion rate, whilst simultaneously reducing marketing spend. And he realised that he needed to change the internal business culture to one of customer-centric based on real time analysis rather than past sector experience.

Following an initial scoping meeting, Craig chose to work with Good Growth because of what he felt was a truly differentiated approach: “Many digital agencies talk about increasing website traffic but what impressed me with Good Growth is that they saw the e-commerce site as just part of the business process. They talked wider than cosmetic website design – they talked about culture, how to make business decisions based on accurate customer analysis and critically conversion rates rather than website traffic. In essence, Good Growth saw the importance of business as a whole, not just a website”.

Good Growth worked alongside the management team to review a number of issues. These included the actual customer experience based on customer analytics and also ensuring that the internal culture and business process at Dews increased both customer focus and business efficiency. The Good Growth team also reviewed the decision making process to increase the customer conversion rate.

The Good Growth approach is not just about analysing data but challenging both historic structures and sales processes. As a result of this, Dews was able to quickly implement a number of tangible improvements.

Data tracking was able to scope and assess the problems and opportunities within the business. Additionally, Good Growth was able to support the management team to develop a seamless customer experience – whether they entered the sales funnel on- or off-line. A new performance management tracking process was implemented giving the management team a clearer assessment of business performance. And Good Growth was able to assess the financial impact of proposed sales performance improvements, creating a cost/benefit analysis for continuous management review. The engagement with Good Growth has seen a number of business performance improvements over the past 12 months. Marketing spend is down 32.8% – yet website traffic is up 13.2%. Website conversion rates are up 65.1%. And E-enquiries are up 71.4%.