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We work with commercial leaders to support the development and delivery of CRM programmes that:

  • Maximise the return from relationships with current customers
  • Manipulate customer data to identify opportunities for growth
  • Create models that enable exploration and exploitation of in-house data
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We use data science to drive growth

Data tells you nothing by itself. Properly framed, organised and interrogated data sets can help support the identification of opportunities for growth. The frailty in many big data propositions is that there is no insight attached to the numbers. This encourages organisations to guess and respond rather then think and respond. Alongside our data sets we also create powerful qualitative data that can explain the why behind the numbers and enable a more informed response.

We build and test alternatives to maximise returns

We work with clients who often have invested significantly in CRM technology but are failing to generate the expected returns. They find that, unlike any other offer in the market, we can give them the data and insight about their customers that can support them in applying their technology to drive growth.

We create dynamic models that deliver commercial opportunities

Our team can build very sophisticated models that are accessible, easy to use and produce outputs that engage and inform.

We don’t work like a classic agency

Unlike many in this space we operate on an all-inclusive project fee basis so cost exposure is known and under control. We are transparent and focus on the commercial outcomes our clients need to deliver.

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We have built a team that is trusted by global brands and regional businesses. We deliver services that touch every aspect of e-commerce from digital marketing and optimisation through to CRM. We also provide commercial strategy support and organisation capability development expertise - particularly in the leadership of change, innovation, high performance coaching and the building of digital capabilities. Our teams work seamlessly with client teams to deliver growth and performance improvement in every aspect of customer engagement.

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Chris Bones

Chris has held global senior executive positions in two FTSE top 10 companies with the brief to transform operating models and organisation culture. He has also run one of Europe’s top business schools and is a prize-winning leadership author. He established Good Growth in 2011 and leads the strategy practice

Dave Cannell

Dave is an experienced Account Director and will provide ongoing leadership for our relationship. He has extensive experience as a senior strategist working for global brands across the whole range of global Technology brands.

Mike Duke

Mike helped build the analytic and customer insight framework that underpins all Good Growth engagements. Mike will ensure all analytics and insight is curated effectively and replicable

Adrian Eddy

Adrian is Senior Analytics Associate and an expert data modeller. He creates big data sets and builds software solutions around them that enable clients to understand their market and their customer base and identify opportunities to grow.

Nick Shaw

Nick is Good Growth’s Chief Operating Officer. Calling on over 10 years of experience guiding organisations through performance innovation and effectiveness, Nick will provide strategic oversight throughout the project to ensure it meets its objectives.

Account Director

Sarah is an experienced Account Director, with an extensive background in award winning tech start-ups and digital marketing. Sarah will lead the engagement and manage the delivery of the project.

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Your performance improvement will cover the cost of our fees
The average payback time for Good Growth clients in 2016 was under 12 months – and sometimes much less. This comes from our ability to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of your online engagement.
Honest advice not given to grow our fees
We work on a retainer basis or specific project fee basis and do not charge per test or by activity. Our retainer is set against an agreed project outcome and we put in as much time as is required to deliver the results you want.
We are willing to be paid on success
In projects where there is a direct commercial link we work with several clients on a success fee basis where we take a lower monthly retainer and bill the remainder against agreed KPIs as we are not afraid to be judged by our results.
The expertise that comes from servicing global brands
Based in Exeter we support e-commerce activity from digital marketing through optimisation to CRM for global brands, high street retailers and media giants. We also do this for smaller regional and national businesses who want the reassurance of working with a top-quality team but don’t want to pay London rates.
Client care
Everyone says this, but we measure our success through your satisfaction. We ask clients for quarterly formal feedback using an NPS system that rates the willingness of our clients to recommend us to others. In 2016 our average quarterly NPS score was 8.3/10.
Quality resources
You get support from a highly qualified team with seriously impressive backgrounds. We don’t expect our people to learn ‘on the job’ on your money.


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   We take your privacy very seriously and would never share or sell your data. By ticking this box you are letting us put you on our mailing list to whom we send out our research papers and major reports. You won’t hear from us more than once a month at most. If what we send isn’t for you, then you can unsubscribe at any time.

We build digital organisation capability. From one-off assignments through to long-term programmes that revolutionise performance, we deliver financial and organisational transformation.

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