Case Study:

Good Growth -

Case Study:

The Challenge

Good Growth were engaged to support the development of potential solutions to some strategic questions for the brand which was facing the sorts of challenges often seen in this type of product proposition: encouraging repeat purchases and persuading customers to add an additional item to the basket.

In addition, for Funky Pigeon there was interest in exploring how far the current brand proposition could extend online through innovating around brand execution and values.

The Approach

By blending qualitative and quantitative data from a range of sources (site analytics, on-page analytics, surveying and more), the Good Growth team created a customer insight platform that not just addressed the specifics of immediate growth but identified potential innovations that could be tested to see how far the brand proposition could be extended.

The Findings

Our propensity work identified that, despite what would be considered a high performing execution in many other sectors, there was still an opportunity to grow through segmenting better and addressing different customer needs differently.

In particular, we identified a need to engage differently new users who were in the consideration phase. Particularly this focused on a need for improved findability and assistance for new users.

The Results

The innovation strategy was implemented by the Funky Pigeon team and resulted in significant growth and as a result we were retained to focus on longer-term innovation and to focus on improving traffic acquisition.


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