Good Growth - Creating a Better Video-on-Demand Platform with Stu Jones

Creating a Better Video-on-Demand Platform with Stu Jones

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Listening to viewers can make them better. By integrating customer research and experimentation into their team, ITV Hub has continued to grow in the competitive video-on-demand (VOD) market. Good Growth has provided experience and maturity in testing and customer-centric modelling to help evolve ITV’s digital platform.

Change can start with individuals. ITV’s Head of Product, Stuart Jones, has been integral in cementing this culture within the business. Using an open-eyed approach plus a shift in mindset to discovery over delivery, his team can respond and adapt to viewer demands quickly. Today, ITV remains front of mind when we’re looking for something to watch.

Now for ITV, knowledge is power. Stu talks with Dan Kendall, Senior Consultant, about how working with Good Growth allowed ITV to build their internal capabilities, by having a deeper understanding of their customer and experimenting at pace. He ends by giving his opinion on how streaming and catch-up services may evolve in the next 5-10 years.

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