Good Growth - The Growth Hacking Handbook For Established Brands

The Growth Hacking Handbook For Established Brands

Growth Hacking is most often associated with start-ups or product innovations, its legacy in established brands has often been to marginalise innovation into separate unites and to associate it with new products.

The results can be mixed, and failure in our experience is often associated with a lack of process, measurement and insight.

For some time now we have been building growth hacking strategies that succeed as part of the core business using digital marketing and e-commerce methodologies that can size, shape and explore market opportunities for established products or new propositions.

In this, our 25th published white paper, we share stories from brand companies as diverse as Diageo, O2 and Kraft Heinz to illustrate how Growth Hacking can become a core capability for any brand company looking to drive exposure and engagement with their product proposition.

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