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Good Growth - About Us

We help global businesses realise the digital commerce failings that are holding them back, and to enact change and significant growth. We change their world, in a good way.


Good Growth was founded in 2011 when two business leaders saw an opportunity to adopt a different way of thinking to deliver exceptional commercial growth.

We help our clients deliver good growth – namely – profitable growth.

We have developed our own scientific method and see ecommerce as an integrated system with the customer at its centre. We have published 2 industry leading books and have a unique team of experts; data scientists, mathematicians, ecommerce specialists and marketers.

We have developed 40+ proprietary ecommerce analytics models to analyse businesses performance. No single tool or platform can give the insight, innovation and creativity that comes from our blended expertise and scientific approach.

We have industry benchmarks based on our 10 years of client work which help our customers understand ‘what good looks like’ and the scale of growth possible through beating the market.

We use our methodology, data and IP to innovate and build world-class customer journeys on legacy systems at breakneck speed.

Choosing to be based in Exeter (Data) and Birmingham (Tech), we are proud to hire graduates from the country’s top-rated universities whilst maintaining connections to offices and clients around the world.

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Working at Good Growth is great! There are lots of opportunities for development, you get to work with clients and see how your work impacts them, and the other people that work here are great. It's a cool place to work - we're at the forefront of innovation: our technology is seriously impressive. Our Exeter office is awesome too!

Debbie Duke Revenue Operations Director

Working at Good Growth has been a blast. I've been able to take on new challenges, learn a ton about the business, and get exposure to some really interesting clients. The people that work here are great, too—we have a really friendly and supportive culture.

Scott Nicholson Software Developer

I think that it's so important to have an environment where you can grow both personally and professionally, and that's something that is really valued here. There are lots of opportunities for development—whether it's learning new technology or just getting feedback on how well you did your job, there are always new things to learn. And beyond the technical side, there are also plenty of opportunities for personal growth: our culture is focused on being curious and open-minded, which helps us stay innovative as we continue to help businesses.

Ed Jackson Analytical Manager

Working at Good Growth is fun, exciting, and rewarding. There are so many opportunities for development that you'll never be bored. You get to work with clients that are passionate about their businesses, which can be inspiring. The people who work here are a great group of people—they're warm and welcoming, but they also bring a lot of talent to our team. The Office vibes are also brilliant

Bryony Sutton Analytical Manager

I’ve been working at Good Growth for just over a year, and it's been great. I've had the opportunity to work on lots of different projects, and that's helped me to develop and enhance my skillset. I also love getting to work with clients and learn their individual needs—it's so much fun to see how far you can take a project with them! Every team member here is so talented, it's so cool to be able to collaborate with them on a daily basis. In short, this is an awesome place to work!”

George Hall Growth and Engagement Manager

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