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Good Growth - Marketing Effectiveness & Attribution

What we do


Invest smarter to deliver greater returns on investment.

Avoid the bias of marketing platforms through a better understanding of campaign and channel performance, ultimately increasing ROI.

The Challenge

Despite significant resource and spend dedicated to marketing, few organisations have a reliable view of how these investments contribute to the bottom line. This is a challenge created by the volume of data available and data becoming siloed across, often biased, marketing platforms for whom the objective is for you to spend more.

Our Response

Using existing data sets we aggregate performance across marketing platforms and activities and apply our own, unbiased, approach to data analytics to:

Measure truth

Using existing data sets, aggregated across platforms, we establish an unbiased view of marketing effectiveness to understand what activities do and do not perform, without the bias that results from having to maximise investments in a single platform.

Understand the customer

Many customers do not buy on their first visit and the failure to account for this restricts marketing strategy to the last click interaction. By taking a holistic view of the broader customer engagement we identify which channels support consideration to purchase, not solely conversions.

Identify relationships

Through a blend of statistical methods we measure the relationship between marketing channels, allowing for us to identify combinations of activities that, together, deliver the greatest returns on investment.

Automate recommendations

We build bespoke attribution and modelling solutions that automate investments and bid adjustment decision making in marketing.

The Output

An authentic and valuable understanding of marketing effectiveness and investments, to direct and inform future decisions on marketing investments and spend.

Client Story

Whilst Good Growth provided robust and excellent analytics and rigorous data, it was the customer insight that supported the findings that were very revealing. The survey tools used delivered answers to qualitative questions and we were able to ascertain with some degree of certainty why customers weren’t buying and that was invaluable.

Lance Haswell Head of Online, O2 Telefonica

We chose Good Growth due to their unique combination of customer-led innovation and their ability to enable large organisation to move with rapid agility.

Ryan Birch Global ecommerce Lead, Diageo

(Good Growth’s) thorough customer- first approach helped us to see things in a new light and to focus on the most important challenges, stimulating different conversations with our team and challenging our business to rethink customer behaviours and our approach to testing and priorities.

Rick Almeida VP of ecommerce, Puma

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