Suit Direct & Good Growth: A Tailor-Made E-Commerce Partnership

Client Story: Suit Direct
Good Growth - Suit Direct

Pushing Retail Boundaries – How Suit Direct Harnessed Good Growth’s Expertise to Reimagine Their E-Commerce Journey

You always follow up on something you say you will, you’re hard-working and we can trust you… we feel like we can hand responsibility to you to oversee all testing-related facets… your adaptability and readiness to refine working methods and schedules is commendable.”

Andy Chung E-Commerce Director

The Challenge

Suit Direct, renowned for its quality products, had been on a consistent growth trajectory through the utilisation of various high-performing marketing channels. However, to maintain and even accelerate this momentum, the company realised the need to enhance its understanding of why some customers made a purchase while others didn’t.

Enter Good Growth: a partner chosen to decode the mystery behind customer drop-off in the sales journey using a unique Test & Learn approach.

Our Approach

Our strategy was grounded in combining quantitative and qualitative customer insights to understand the root causes of the problem. We meticulously mapped the user journey through the sales funnel, which highlighted the PDP and cart page as significant drop-off points. Further refining our insights, we targeted these zones with customer surveys to dissect the core reasons behind abandonment.

By also tracking user behaviour on essential pages and content, we gained invaluable insights into the elements of the journey that resonated most with users – and those that didn’t.

What We Found

Our research unveiled three pivotal causes of customer drop-off:

1. Sizing Issues: Customers were struggling to find the right size or understand how sizing works. This was exacerbated by a user experience that deprioritised sizing information in the sales engagement and so contributed to customer failure – even if they were ready to buy.

2. Delivery & Returns: An attractive delivery and returns policy existed – but failed to captivate customers. This shortfall translated to reduced online purchase confidence and missed chances to employ urgency cues via free delivery prompts.

3. Brand Value Proposition: Suit Direct, despite its reputation for quality, was underplaying its USPs. Key reasons to choose Suit Direct were being glossed over during crucial touchpoints of the customer journey.


Armed with these insights, we conducted various AB tests:

  • To enhance user-product engagement, we experimented with search bar accessibility and copy, which spurred a 6% revenue surge.
  • Addressing the value proposition, we trialed varied savings communications on the basket page, witnessing an 8% conversion rate bump and an 11% revenue hike.
  • We clarified sizing concerns by interspersing size details throughout the PLP (Product Listing Page) interaction and urged users to engage with the size guide. The result? A 6% rise in add-to-cart rates and an 11% revenue increase.

The Results

Our customer-centric testing demonstrated significant, measurable value. Our initiatives resulted in a remarkable 1400% return on investment over a span of 6 months, showcasing the substantial impact of our efforts.


The collaboration between Suit Direct and Good Growth underscored the essence of truly understanding one’s customer. Through data-driven insights, rigorous testing, and a deep-seated commitment to improving the customer journey, we not only identified areas of potential but also turned them into real, revenue-driving outcomes. With the right approach and a partnership grounded in trust, the path to ambitious growth becomes clearer and more attainable.