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What we do


Understand customers better than the competition.

Grow faster by connecting the measurement of what is happening with the insight that explains why it happens - most importantly why customers fail to buy.

The Challenge

Organisations are not lacking in data, but often struggle to decipher relevant data and insight to understand their customers. This impairs decision making with organisations defaulting to best practice or expert opinion to inform and direct activity. The result being that despite best efforts, decision makers lack the necessary knowledge of the customer to govern the change agenda, limiting expected levels of return on investment.

Our Response

We capture customer insight to understand both where, and more importantly why, customers fail.

Given that no single data source or software solution can provide the answer, this insight is derived through a blend of:

Customer behaviour

Quantitative analysis of customer behaviour in the sales journey to identify points of abandonment and establish the scale of the value opportunity.

Customer voice

A blend of quantitative and qualitative data sets, captured through surveying real customers in the sales journey, to blend customer feedback with behavioural analysis.

Customer engagement

Interrogation of customer engagement with key touchpoints in the journey, what content captures the most user interest and what content do users ignore.

Competitor analysis and benchmarking

Comparison of the customer experience and engagement with key competitors and benchmarking of key performance indicators against the Good Growth E-Commerce benchmark.

The Output

Faster revenue growth. Captured by a better understanding of your customers and delivered through a human-created blend of quantitative and qualitative insights that respond to real customer failure in the purchase journey.

We needed to land our website in less than 3 weeks. Good Growth took up the challenge and importantly kept it to the strict time frame. The commitment from their team was truly amazing.

Jean-Philippe Nier Head of ecommerce, UK & Ireland, Kraft Heinz

We chose Good Growth due to their unique combination of customer-led innovation and their ability to enable large organisation to move with rapid agility.

Ryan Birch Global ecommerce Lead, Diageo

Good Growth’s collaborative approach and attention to detail has made them a reliable long-term partner for the All4 team. They provide the strategic direction and scientific skills required to execute a well-performing test and learn programme, that delivers valuable customer insight and continuous improvements to viewer engagement.

Client Lead Channel 4

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