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Customer Journey & Traffic Effectiveness

For too long, the focus for digital marketing has been on quantity rather than quality of traffic. We see things differently.

At Good Growth we help our clients use SEO, PPC, social and other accrual techniques to locate and acquire high quality leads whilst simultaneously ensuring budget optimisation. Building insight that segments audiences and user need, we design, build and measure unique landing pages using our innovation methodologies.

Good Growth - Data Book / Boohoo

This service drives performance through:

  • Segmentation that identifies intent and drives a focus on investing behind high intent
  • Strategies that address segment source, intent and level of engagement that look to maximise returns

Conversion Rate Effectiveness

Competitive advantage comes from understanding who is on the site and their degree of propensity to transact (or become a lead).

At Good Growth we support clients to channel their energy towards establishing their conversion rate effectiveness: the degree to which they are successful in converting those who land with a degree of intention to transact.

Using performance data and on-page analytics, funnel diagnostics, user experience and a set of trademarked methodologies we then focus on improving conversion rate effectiveness.

Good Growth - Data Book / Howdens

This service drives performance through:

  • Building insight to identify how many users have an intention to purchase and can compare this to quantitative figures that demonstrate how many actually do.
  • Developing bold and often radical Test and Learn strategies that are aimed at closing the gap between intent and conversion.

Customer Engagement Effectiveness

Activity to retain and deepen relationships through loyalty and other programmes has to be finely targeted to ensure investment in technology and marketing delivers the best returns.

Whilst some have claimed that the modern customer is more likely to ‘shop around’, research suggests that customers themselves only shop around because they don’t find the personalised engagement that they are looking for.

At Good Growth, we build insight into current performance highlighting areas of opportunity and blend this with customer feedback on churn to implement innovative ‘known customer’ engagement strategies that are aligned to key segments.

Good Growth - Data Book / Lidl

This service drives performance through:

  • Building insight into why past customers no longer transact (buy/become a lead) or why they do/do not increase their engagement.
  • Innovating, at times using external platforms, to encourage repeat purchases, engagement or renewals with the long-term aim of creating advocates who themselves work to ‘sell’ the proposition to their friends and family.

Digital Strategy & Organisational Effectiveness

What differentiates effective from ineffective performance is a strategy that is rooted in deep understanding of the customer in the market along with an appropriate business model; and an operating model that defines clearly how the organisation needs to work in order to execute the strategy successfully to ensure the business model generates the expected returns.

At Good Growth we support our clients to develop insight-driven digital strategies and to map their current operating model against these to identify gaps (capability, capacity and culture) that deny outstanding execution.

Good Growth - Data Book / TripAdvisor

This service drives performance through:

  • A facilitated process of strategy development that creates insight-led hypotheses and defines the choices for resource allocation
  • A methodology for defining the required culture, capability and capacity to execute the strategy successfully, identifying gaps and setting out a programme of change to improve effectiveness
  • The delivery of outstanding capability development programmes covering the leadership and execution of effective e-commerce, innovation and change


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