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We use science to put the customer at the heart of decision-making for the world’s most successful brands

Good Growth was founded in 2011 when two business leaders, Chris Bones and James Hammersley, saw an opportunity to adopt a different way of thinking as to how to deliver exceptional commercial results online.

This approach, explored in their 2014 book for business leaders, ‘Leading Digital Strategy’, argued that the biggest challenge in e-commerce was not technology, but the organisation. They developed the first trademarked business process that made businesses adjust to customer needs, rather than forcing customers to conform to the needs of the business.

Their latest book, ‘Optimizing Digital Strategy’, written with Good Growth Managing Director Dr Nick Shaw, takes this core process and extends it into digital marketing and loyalty. It introduces new frameworks for understanding digital success illustrated by case studies from leading brands Good Growth has advised.

They have built a team that harnesses the analytical capabilities of mathematicians and engineers and blends these with the commercial and creative skills of marketing and communication experts.

Choosing to be based in Exeter in the South West of England, Good Growth is proud to hire graduates from amongst the region’s top-rated universities whilst maintaining connections to its offices and clients around the world.


We are an eclectic and unique blend of engineers, scientists, mathematicians and organisation strategists.

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