Employee Profile: Dr Nick Shaw

Employee Profiles

Can you briefly describe what you’re responsible for at Good Growth?

I wear a few different hats! I’m responsible for client value exchange, which means maximising the value that we create for our clients, and then in turn the value that we create for our business – it generally works in that order! I oversee the whole client journey and ensure that it’s as good as it possibly can be for all parties. Then, when I’m wearing my commercial hat, I’m growing and converting new opportunities for Good Growth.

Can you share a success story you’re particularly proud of during your time at Good Growth?

There’s so many to draw on. Not because I’m saying that I have been hugely successful, but I’ve worked with so many successful people. There’s a big US retailer that we’re working with at the moment, I’m particularly proud of that engagement. It’s been so inspiring what the Team have managed to achieve. Then, looking back, there are just so many moments when I am proud of the Good Growth Team. When I see people nail things that they might not be comfortable with – for example, someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy presenting going and smashing a presentation – that makes me feel incredibly proud.

How do you prioritise tasks when everything seems urgent?

Two strategies depending on my mood – the first is the Eisenhower Matrix (wouldn’t that make a great name for a film?!) which has kept my head above water for 20 years! It used to be a daily thing, but I now keep it for when things get really full-on. Then my second strategy is that if you ignore stuff, the urgent stuff tends to bubble up – but I don’t recommend that one!

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

I have had a lot of advice given to me over the years! But something came back to me recently – a piece of advice that I was given many years ago that has now popped up again. “It’s never the right time, but right now is usually the best time” – I like this one a lot, and because it came back it feels like slightly more poignant.

How do you recharge after a busy period at work?

Anyone who has been on a Teams Call with me knows they can see surfboards right behind my head! If I’m looking to recharge, then I’ll usually throw myself in the sea. It’s one of the only ways that I can really switch off, and it’s great not being able to take Teams out onto the water with me!

What’s a small thing that makes your day better?

Those little moments with a colleague, the unplanned conversations – which are definitely rarer now that things are predominantly virtual. A joke and a laugh with a teammate always makes things better, especially when it’s unexpected or off the cuff.

What’s one change you’ve seen in yourself since working at Good Growth?

Grey hair! Literally – I think that’s the most obvious change. I would attribute it to wisdom. The glass half full view would be that it’s wisdom; the glass half empty view would probably say stress!

How do you navigate differences of opinion in a team setting?

This is a very tricky one! I think my answer is to really, really listen. Get under the skin of it. You usually find that there is far more agreement and common ground amongst the team than on first inspection. There seems to be this trend of people getting worse at listening, and that poses a real threat to businesses and teams.

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

Take your pick! I’ve done some weird and wonderful stuff over the years. My first job was picking stones out of a field at 11 years old! It sounds almost like a Greek myth, but I can promise you that there was nothing that fancy about it. I’ve also worked as a Boat Builder! I worked on what was meant to be Pete Goss’ record-breaking Catamaran – unfortunately, it sank!

If you could learn any language fluently, which one would it be?

I’d learn to speak Whale. Not Welsh, but Whale! I feel like there’s so much wisdom they possess. Am I allowed that as an answer?