Employee Profile: Sam Dixon

Employee Profiles
How long have you been at Good Growth?

So I’d been at AMIGO for about five and a half years before the business was acquired by Good Growth, and now I’m coming up to my 6th anniversary. So six years but also six months at the same time!

How much has the business changed in that time?

A lot really. As a small business, naturally we’ve had to evolve as we’ve changed what we’ve done and the proposition that we offer to clients has evolved. The scale of what we build has also changed, we now build much bigger and cooler stuff, which is great to be involved in.

What does a normal day look like for you?

So there’s a lot of consistency to the first part of my day. The developers always get together for a daily stand-up to ensure we’re all on the same page with projects and priorities. Then I’ll touch base with my internal client project teams to catch up on goals and deliverables. The rest of the day is less consistent, being a mixture of coding and meetings depending on how projects are going.

What’s your favourite part of your role?

So for me, it’s very similar to why I came into this role in the first place – the major appeal of working in tech is that it spans so many different industries and sectors. Every client I work with has different needs, targets and ideas, so the variety is fascinating.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

We’re doing some great work with a luxury car brand on their website and how they present their car customisation. It’s the epitome of cool! A cool project, and also cool to see some great cars.

What’s the best thing about being at Good Growth?

Other than the culture and the great people, for me personally it’s having everyone working at such a high standard. It pushes you to deliver the best work possible for clients. We constantly learn from each other, and to see other people doing their work to the best of their abilities is great – and it ultimately leads to some great results for clients as well.

What was the last book you read?

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately and have been reading some David Goggins. His book ‘You Can’t Hurt Me’ was fantastic – he’s a very interesting and inspirational guy with a fascinating background.

What website do you visit the most?

Hacker News. It’s not at all as criminal as it sounds! It’s a really interesting place to get tech news and hear what’s going on across various industries.

What’s your favourite way to unwind after work?

As a new parent, it has to be spending time with my 8-month-old daughter. Watching her grow up and seeing her learn new things is just incredible. Other than that, it’s a lot of dog walking and watching sports.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger, I was really inspired by a documentary called Dogtown and Z-Boys, which is about skateboarding. I just loved the scene and the lifestyle, but after a few broken bones I was put off it! A desk job is much safer.