Announcement: Good Growth Technology


Delivering Innovation at Pace

Today, Good Growth announced the acquisition of Amigo Technology, a platform that enables insight and innovation at pace within current constraints. The goal is to enable businesses to implement change with a dramatically reduced risk profile.

The newly acquired platform, now known as Good Growth Technology (GGT), is delivered as a managed service through one line of code; allowing businesses to focus on what they want to try, not the process of how to make it a reality. It is the only technology platform designed to securely rebuild digital assets and journeys without changing the core legacy technology – empowering businesses to innovate at a significantly increased pace.

Good Growth’s core purpose has always been to help global businesses realise the digital failings that are holding them back, and to enact change and significant growth.

Good Growth’s research suggests 3 out of 5 brand CEOs and CTOs face daunting challenges in scaling innovation and growth due to the cost, pace, and risk of change. However, GGT eliminates the trade-offs between technological stability and commercial innovation. With GGT, organisations can respond to complex digital and strategic challenges that limit growth at the pace required. Given organisations do not need to change their underlying technology, the payback on innovations powered by GGT is more than £10 for every £1 invested.

The payback is only possible as GGT enables commercial, marketing, brand, and technology teams to innovate and build digital assets they cannot build themselves. In the last 6 months, GGT has been deployed globally with clients to:

  • Integrate product imagery and stock information from a range of sources and digital assets e.g., different domains, to allow an organisation to evolve their customer engagement across multiple touchpoints simultaneously.
  • Combine data and our machine learning decision engine to release new and different customer engagements and product propositions through targeting specific marketing channels including integration with CRM, social and marketing platforms to ensure a seamless customer engagement.
  • Empower decision makers and leadership to prioritise and expedite development backlogs and provide the data and insight necessary to inform long term innovations in proposition and user experience.
  • Safely mainstream successful tests for a prolonged period within the core legacy environment.

With this capability, the relative pace of change for complex innovation radically improves the payback on digital investments. Changes that have been planned for years can be completed in days and weeks, not months and years. Suddenly, legacy technology is an asset for growth.

“With GGT we do not need to make the compromise between technology and customer investments. We can innovate and drive revenue and margin growth.”

– Darren Topp, Chief Executive Officer, LK Bennett

“We are delighted to build the Amigo platform into our data business and enable our clients to accelerate their digital ambitions. The platform built over the last 8 years is a testimony to the technical leadership, innovation, and creativity of the whole technology team.”

– James Hammersley, Chief Executive Officer, Good Growth

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