Google Analytics 4 – How to Avoid a Serious Headache

Good Growth - Google Analytics 4 - How to Avoid a Serious Headache

Go beyond the technical challenges, and understand how your organisation must prepare for GA4.

In July 2023, Google has announced it will phase out the use of Universal Analytics, the current version of its popular Google Analytics service.

Its replacement, GA4, will change the way that brands think about analytics. Changes to reporting structures and the removal of third-party cookies will reshape how everyone in the organisation, from the dev team to the C-suite, views their data.

Brands and organisations need to prepare. If they do not take action, businesses risk losing their historic data. They may also be left behind when GA4 is fully adopted.

Businesses using UA360 have until July 2024 to make the change, but for anyone using UA, it’s critical that you begin to migrate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Good Growth data and analytics team have written a white paper with everything you need to know.

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You can download our latest white paper here.