Good Growth - S3 E6: Liberating Heinz Beanz with JoJo de Noronha

S3 E6: Liberating Heinz Beanz with JoJo de Noronha

Why should Heinz Beanz be confined to the can?

That’s what Kraft Heinz’s Northern European President, JoJo de Noronha questioned when she took up the role 18 months ago. JoJo joins Dan to explain how Kraft Heinz have innovated the Heinz Beanz brand. By listening to their customers and observing trends in the FMCG market, they created an innovative startup out of a household name.

It starts with teamwork. By teaming up with Good Growth, they launched their Direct to Consumer proposition, Heinz to Home last year expanding the ways in which customers can enjoy Heinz branded products.

JoJo also touches on her leadership style. She discussed the responsibility she has to ensure ideas, thoughts and concerns are listened to and acted upon.

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