Employee Profile: Grace Nixon

Employee Profiles

What initially attracted you to work at Good Growth?

I studied Mathematics at Manchester University, and it seemed that all the roles that I was pushed towards were in Finance, which just wasn’t for me. I wanted something a bit more exciting, and when I saw AMIGO’s (now Good Growth’s) approach to Digital Transformation, something just clicked. The way that we manage to combine Data and Tech is pretty cool – which always helps to make work more attractive, right?

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned during your time here?

The importance of working alongside a cohesive team has been the most valuable lesson for me. The support and readiness to assist each other, especially when facing challenges, has been instrumental. We’re quite a close-knit team of Developers, so there’s an added level of loyalty and trust.

How does your role contribute to Good Growth’s mission and core outcomes (Data, Insight, Technology)?

I’m on the Tech side, which I love. I get to work across a number of fascinating clients, and the chance to help them out whilst challenging myself with new and exciting briefs is great.

In your opinion, what sets Good Growth apart from its competitors?

I think aside from the uniqueness of the Tech and the proposition, it’s the customer service and ability to forge some really strong working relationships with our clients that set us apart.

How do you collaborate with team members from different expertise backgrounds?

Collaboration is so important in such a diverse team! Constant communication and joint efforts on projects, coupled with social gatherings and company events, help to foster a unified approach to achieving our goals as a company and individuals .

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone new joining Good Growth?

Don’t suffer in silence if you’re facing any challenges at work. It’s important to voice any questions you may have – there’s a team of people around you who have likely been through the exact same.

What TV show or film are you currently obsessed with?

I was a bit late to the party, but I’ve just watched the first series of The Traitors. WOW! Incredibly gripping, and it’s one of those shows that’s just so bingeworthy. I’m looking forward to seeing if the second series matches the level of the first.

If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be?

Peru! I’ve travelled across nearly all of South and Latin America, but I’m still yet to do Peru. Everyone I’ve spoken to has a really high opinion of it, and there’s such a diverse mix of areas there – it’s got beaches, cities, jungles… there’s so much to see. I’m learning Spanish, and there’s no better way to level up your linguistic skills than to converse with native speakers.

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

Apart from learning Spanish, I’ve taken up football, playing primarily as a Centre Midfield in a 5-a-side team. I say Centre Mid, I’ll actually play anywhere – as long as it’s not in defence or in goal! It’s a fantastic way to stay active and engage in a team sport outside of work.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you want with you?

Are you allowed living things? I’d take a dog. I love cockapoos, but I’m not sure how it would cope on a desert island. Maybe a radio? That would be handy for entertainment. Then I’d also take my favourite book, which is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. It’s also over 900 pages long, which would be useful!