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We are proud to have written two of the leading books
on digital strategy.

Published by Kogan Page, both have been praised by senior business leaders across a range of sectors. See below to find out more about our publications, Leading Digital Strategy and Optimizing Digital Strategy.

Digital Strategy

For a business to thrive competitively in today’s marketplace, it needs to have an effective e-commerce channel.

Getting it right opens up new markets and opportunities; getting it wrong leads to declining revenues and profitability. To ensure effectiveness, business leaders and decision-makers must understand how e-commerce channels work to make the best strategic choices for their business. Drawing on experience in consulting to large complex organisations and ground-breaking primary research with senior executives from leading corporations, Leading Digital Strategy creates a convincing case for action and offers practical strategies, methodologies and models to improve the effectiveness of a company’s online offering. It explores how to align organisational structure with wider goals and implement a customer-centric culture. With coverage of the key digital trends, tools and technologies affecting business today, it provides a practical framework for multi-channel success.

This book challenges leaders to become as fluent and creative in digital as they are in finance, sales and marketing, and equips them to choose the right strategy and the right people to make it happen. With strategies for improved operational performance and enhanced engagement from senior management, Leading Digital Strategy gives readers the power to drive forward effective digital initiatives and realise rewarding opportunities for change.

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Good Growth Books - Leading Digital Strategy

This is for the executive who sees the opportunity in digital but who is frustrated or daunted by the practicalities of execution. Leading Digital Strategy provides us with a response, refreshingly framed in terms of the fundamental management and leadership disciplines required. It is a confidence-inspiring guide that reminds us that it is not technology, but established business best practice that drives success in the digital world. I wish I had read a copy three years ago.”

Alan South Former CEO, IDEO Europe

For businesses to thrive in today's markets they need to engage effectively with digital. This book provides an effective framework that helps leaders drive their digital efforts in the right direction. It offers a blueprint that many leaders will find invaluable.”

Paul Walsh Chairman, Compass Group and former CEO of Diageo

Digital Strategy

Optimizing Digital Strategy explores the choices facing organizations in the rapidly changing world of technology-enabled business.

From performance marketing through to personalization, on-demand retailing and AI, this book maps out commercial and customer-focused challenges and explains how leaders can get the most out of their digital strategies. Rather than rushing headlong into adopting the latest digital platforms, tools and technologies, the book challenges leaders to step back from the demands for constant investment in new technology and drive better returns from existing assets.

Presenting a sustainable model of e-commerce that is appropriate to any individual organization’s needs, Optimizing Digital Strategy addresses the repetitive dilemma between even more investment in technology and the need to improve margins and grow revenue. Illustrated by the authors’ own digital work for global brands such as The Economist, Sky, O2, Regus, the Financial Times, Lidl and L.K.Bennett, this book shows how to balance the need to remain competitive, fully deliver customer expectations, and put resources behind investments that will deliver the best return.

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Good Growth Books - Optimizing Digital Strategy

Optimizing Digital Strategy successfully challenges the perception that more and more technology is the always answer - the organization is often the biggest barrier to online success and this book explores why and what to do about it. It's a commercial and engaging book that shows leaders how to improve performance. Full of useful frameworks and case examples, it sets out a structure with which leaders can assess their business and then focus on what needs to change to drive growth online.”

Anna Rawling Managing Director, Product and Portfolio Strategy, The Economist

Optimizing Digital Strategy gives business leaders a practical toolkit for thinking about and executing their digital strategy. The Good Growth team have condensed years of research and experience into a genuinely useful handbook.”

Alex Murray Digital Director, Lidl UK

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